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    B-17 Flying Fortress, Tail gunner’s position. By Vern Snow on Flickr

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    F-16 Unique Paint

    Falcon paint is the best paint.

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  5. "My other Panzer is a Mercedes"


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    Marder III


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    Snipers.. Gotta love them


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    WW2 British forces Willy’s Jeep .

    War and Peace show 2014 .

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    A trio of Soviet soldiers find quick joy in their furry comrade in Stalingrad. 1942

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    41-30345 was caught by the bomb blast of preceding plane while attacking an enemy ship on Hansa Bay, New Guinea and crashed into Hansa Bay with the loss of all crew.

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    P-47D compared to other aircraft of World War II

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    USS Iowa being fitted out at the New York Naval Shipyard, Fall 1942.

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    M1 Carbine

    The “little brother” to the Garand, they operate in fairly similar fashion but differ in how ammo is fed. Ironically South Korea also had tons of surplus M1 Carbines from the Korean War that they wanted to sell to the U.S, just like the Garands. These are permanently blocked/banned for import because of concerns that they accept high capacity magazines. Sad isn’t it? Firearms made in America can’t even come back home after serving overseas.

    Thanks Obama

    Civilian marksmanship program had them for a good price too.

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    USN warship identification. 

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